Seminar presentation of the following scholars

Seminar presentation of the following scholars has been fixed  on the dates shown against each,

S.No.                                      Name                                                 Date & Time              

1.                                     Ms. Afreen Niyaz                              

2.                                  Ms. Tawheeda Yasin                              

3.                                  Ms. Jabina Bano                                            10-07-2020 ; 11:00 a.m          

4.                                  Ms. Mehnaz Ali


5.                                  Ms. Saveela Salam                                  

6.                                  Ms. Sobia Jan

7.                                  Ms. Uzma Rashid                                             14-07-2020 ; 11:00 a.m

8.                                  Ms. Shazia Bashir

9.                                  Ms. Zubaida Tabasum                            


10.                                Ms. Uzma Mushtaq

11.                                Ms. Sumera Yaseen

12.                                Ms. Suriya Gowhar                                             15-07-2020 ; 11:00 a.m

13.                                Ms. Muzamil Nisar

14.                                Ms. Shaheeda Shaban


All supervisors, DRC members & faculty members to be present in the Institute. If a student is giving online presentation a photocopy of PPT to be sent to the supervisor concerned before  hand printout to be placed before the committee. Supervisor to submit complete report of work done by the scholar in writing. Students who can come to the Institute can given their presentation in classroom -I  ground floor, after adhering to all protocol issued due to Covid-19.