Minutes of the Meeting : A meeting of Departmental Research Committee

Minutes of the Meeting


A meeting of  Departmental Research Committee (DRC) was held on   30-11-2019 at 11.00 a.m in the office of the undersigned.

It was resolved as under:-

  1. The status of the present scholars was assessed and all the concerned guides were asked to submit  the same in writing  .
  2. Framing of syllabus of scholars to be submitted within three days(wherever pending).
  3. For the available 02 vacancies in  research,  it was decided that the candidates namely Rabia Ishaq and Rozy Jan shall be selected on the basis of the present  applicable statutes. However out of the 02 only one namely Rabia Ishaq was present.
  4. Exam of course work to  be conducted & synopsis to be framed of scholars who have completed the stipulated time period.



  • Event Date: 30-Nov-2019 - 30-Nov-2019
  • Venue: Institute of Home Science
  • File: